This is our mission: In a lived response to the life of Jesus, the Hope Workers’ Center strives to promote fair, just and safe working conditions for local and migrant workers, with the hope that fairness and justice can be appropriately incorporated into the Labor Standards Law of Taiwan.

Roman Catholic

It is the Hope Workers’ Center’s goal to always consult Jesus Christ as a model for the way in which we serve our community. We believe that Jesus served a life dedicated to compassionate justice and service, and we allow those tenets to guide our decisionmaking as we support workers in our community.

We operate with the support of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hsinchu and in close partnership with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. Historically, we were founded by the Missionary Society of St. Columban and many of our pastoral support services still come from missionaries affiliated with the Columbans.

Interfaith Community

We seek to provide a praying Catholic community for those migrants who are Catholic, though we welcome migrants of all faiths to our services and facilities. Catholics will find masses at our center held in English and Tagalog every Sunday. Additionally, our staff of pastoral counselors are available seven days a week to provide spiritual-formation support. You may either meet individually with our pastoral counselors, or else opt to join one of the various support groups that we feature throughout the week.

It is our goal to provide a warm and inviting community for non-Catholics as well. Residents of our shelter regularly come from different faith backgrounds and we work to support them in their spiritual development as well, providing places to pray and worship and making allowances for faith-based lifestyles. We hope to foster a community of compassion and support, in the model that Christ lived.