Resources to Help You

At the Hope Workers’ Center, we understand that the prospect of moving to Taiwan as a migrant worker can be daunting. Everything from your rights as a worker to the language you will speak at the local grocery store will likely be different to what you have experienced in your home country. For that reason, we have collected a series of resources, designed for migrant workers, that explain many of the rules, best practices, and recommendations that we think you should know. This resource can be used by workers who are about to begin their first contract as migrants in Taiwan or it can be used by migrants who are already experienced working in Taiwan.

Your Rights as a Foreign Worker in Taiwan

You must remember: you have rights! It can be intimidating to learn your rights, particularly in a foreign country, and we hope to make it easier for you. We have compiled a list of legal rights you have as a worker an resident in Taiwan. Access them here.

Best Practices as a Migrant Worker (Safety Tips)

In order to protect yourself while you work in Taiwan, there are particular pitfalls that you ought to avoid in daily living. To help you avoid these dangers, we have devised a list of best practices that we recommend you follow. Find them here.

A Lesson in Easy Conversational Chinese

Because the most common language spoken in Chinese, foreign workers may feel inept as they go about daily life. Though learning the language takes study and exposure, we have created an easy introduction to Mandarin Chinese here.

Introduction to Taiwan’s Culture and Customs

During your residency in Taiwan, you will likely have time off and desire to experience the culture of the beautiful island. We have included some of the places we most enjoy visiting and advice on what to do there. See pictures and details here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Working away from home is challenging and it is inevitable that you will have questions. On our frequently-asked-questions page, we hope to answer your concerns. We hope that you will ask us questions as they arise for you so we can include them here.