We at the Hope Workers’ Center believe that the best way to empower migrants is by helping them to gain the skills and knowledge to combat injustice themselves. For that reason, we have developed a curriculum whereby we educate workers of their rights and prepare people with life skills. This curriculum consists of classes, clubs, and media.


We put on regular learning opportunities for workers to learn about law and life skills. These lessons typically focus on features of the Taiwan Labor Standards Act and a collection of other applicable national labor laws. Classes are also offered to workers who hope to gain important life skills such as English, Chinese, art, and exercise, among others. Consult our calendar to see upcoming classes or contact us with questions.


We are blessed with a large group of dedicated people who volunteer their time to take part in clubs. These clubs are designed to foster community among members, and to educate the wider community about specific issues. Please visit the linked pages for EAG, CAIF, El Shaddai, and Lectors and Commentators to learn more about each club or contact us with questions.


We use a number of media platforms to promote increased knowledge about workers’ rights among the migrant-worker community. Sign up to receive our daily Tweets, like our Facebook for updates on our ministry, and read each week’s installment of the Migrant Worker’s Face documenting project.

If you have additional questions about the education programs at the Hope Workers’ Center, please contact us.