The Hope Workers’ Center is committed to fostering community among people of different backgrounds. Located in Taoyuan’s Zhongli District, we are surrounded by people of many different backgrounds–of various nationalities, languages, faiths, lifestyles–and thus we are also surrounded by opportunities for intercultural dialogue.

Solidarity Among Cultures

Throughout the year, Hope Workers’ Center regularly puts on festivals meant to feature the cultures that we have among us. People from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries too, each have the opportunity to show something of their culture to others. In the past, we have supported celebrations of Vietnamese culture, a Filipino festival of dancing and food, concerts from Indonesian musicians, and the Thai New Year party and table-tennis tournament.

As non-native people in Taiwan, migrant workers and their families can easily feel isolated and alone; these programs are intended to provide solidarity and community. Additionally, because Zhongli, and Taiwan generally, are largely made up by immigrants, these events allow for the immigrant communities to share their culture with Taiwanese people as well. Please contact the Hope Workers’ Center to learn about the next community event that we are planning.