Education and Assistance Group (EAG)

The Education and Assistance Group (EAG) exists to foster education among migrant workers. Formed and organized by Filipino migrant workers, the EAG is concerned with the laws and policy that affect workers in Taiwan. The group meets every month to discuss important topics in labor law and prepares presentations for the wider public of migrant workers in Taiwan. Members of EAG take turns presenting at mass on every second Sunday of the month. The group sometimes also takes part in protests, to seek labor policies and practices that are more just.

Migrants who join the EAG typically do so because they are passionate about law, migrants’ rights, and justice, and because they want to help others. Whether you already feel that you know a lot about immigration and labor law or not, you are welcome to join. We educate each other and, with that knowledge, we educate others. This is a great way for migrants to help migrants!

EAG Mission Statement

This is our mission statement: We inform and educate the migrant workers on their rights, assist them in their problems, improve the migrant’s social being, and advocate for better conditions for migrant workers in Taiwan.

Become an EAG Advocate!

If you would like join the group or if you have questions about an important topic in labor law that you think they should address, please contact us and we will be in touch with you soon.