Matthew Yu is the son of a Filipina mother and Taiwanese father. Matthew and his sister are active members of the Chungli Association of Immigrants and Families (CAIF), and they serve our Mass as altar servers.  He has written a reflection about the recent Easter Sunday Celebration activity held at the Hope Workers’ Center.

By Matthew Yu
Edited by Hannes Zetzsche

April 16, 2017, was Easter Sunday.

On that day, we held an Easter Sunday celebration event at the Hope Workers’ Center to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from death. There was tasty food, entertaining activities, outstanding performances and so on.

I really enjoyed all of the moments spent celebrating, especially during the game time. We played a lot of games, including an Easter Egg Hunt, a game called “Walking with a Balloon between Your Legs,” and another that I called “Tip the Egg with an Eggplant Tied to Your Waist.”

All of the games were exciting and funny, but the most impressive game for me was the Easter Egg Hunt. This is the game that I know is traditional and that most people will play on this holiday. First, we organized a group to find the Easter eggs that had been hidden throughout the Hope Workers’ Center building. Once we had organized and the game had started, I was pleased that see that everyone was trying their best to look for eggs. I was running throughout the 3rd floor of the building, searching in a hurry so that we could win.

As a consequence of the time limitation set upon our game, I only found three eggs. Fortunately, my teammates, who were fellow CAIF children, were very capable despite their young age. They got more eggs than I did—as many as 15 in total! As a result, we won 2nd place and won candies for a prize. I was thankful and proud of my teammates for their excellent work. Through this game, I learned a valuable lesson: “Teamwork is the key to success.”

I had fun in the celebration. Not only did it meet my expectations, but I also learned something. Easter Sunday is not just for celebrating, it reminds us to be thankful for all Jesus has given us. He sacrificed himself to protect us and gave us everything.

Easter reminds us how gracious Jesus is. Thanks to our Lord Jesus, we can have a wonderful life now. Happy Easter Sunday!!!

This reflection by Matthew Yu has been published by the Hope Workers’ Center. The Hope Workers’ Center is committed to supporting migrant workers in Taiwan, including immigrants and their children. In this reflection, Matthew describes the Easter Sunday Celebration, which is an example of one of our ministries. We welcome you to learn more about who we are or what we do. If you have additional questions, please contact us.