Are you a migrant worker? The Hope Workers’ Center needs your help!

The Hope Workers’ Center is conducting a documenting project called “The Migrant Worker’s Face” to tell the stories of migrant workers in our community, of you. We know that being a migrant worker can be a stunning, life-changing, often challenging, encounter, and we hope to collect your stories of these experiences through this project.

If you participate, we may publish your story on our website ( It is our hope that by documenting your stories, we will encourage others to learn from your experiences and recognize the support to migrant workers that the Hope Workers’ Center provides. For those people in the world who haven’t shared your experience as a migrant worker, this project may provide an illuminating insight to your encounter.

Each week, the story of one migrant worker’s experience will be published with a picture of his or her face. We will generate the story for you–we just need your information.

Would you like to participate? If yes, then we need some information from you:

Instructions: Please answer as many of the following questions as possible. Once you have finished answering these questions, please send them either to or via Facebook messenger to Joan Yap. We will be in touch with you to request a photograph to be included in the write-up of your story. Photographs should be high-resolution images of your unobstructed face, intended to convey who you are as a child of God. You may send us a photograph or else come in to the Hope Workers’ Center to have a staff member take your picture. Thank you for your help in this project! Please encourage your friends to participate as well.


  1. What is your full name?
  2. When did you work in Taiwan?
  3. Where did you work in Taiwan and what did you do there?
  4. How did you participate with the Hope Workers’ Center while you were in Taiwan? (For example: attended mass, helped by caseworkers, sheltered at HWC, participated with EAG, CAIF, liturgy and commentators, etc.)
  5. What were the greatest challenges you encountered as a migrant worker in Taiwan? (family issues, income, solitude, language, etc.)
  6. What motivated you to move to Taiwan and to work hard while you were there? (Why did you need the money?)
  7. Do you have family? How many children or siblings do you support at home?
  8. What did the Hope Workers’ Center mean to you? How did they help you?

Are there any other stories or advice that you would like to share from your experience?

Thank you for your willingness to support the Hope Workers’ Center in this project. Whether you feel comfortable sharing your story or not, we hope that you will share “The Migrant Worker’s Face” to commend migrant workers who have submitted their stories and to encourage others to do the same.

Check our website each week to find the latest story from this exciting new project!